Friday, July 13, 2012

16 months old now and full of it

It has been almost a year since I've posted  over here. how lame. I just read all of the archives and
man i'm bummed  I haven't kept up with the stories.

Patriot turned 1 in march, he's 16 months old now and full of it. I've never had one so young doing so much. He's always trying to do things on the computer.

he can find and start his own movies on netflix on the xoom. he loves Yo Gabba Gabba.

and he LOVES to play ant smasher on my phone.

he's always in the fridge looking for a snack .

he climbs up the banister on the stairs like he's climbing mt. everest. 

he runs everywhere. and he makes the cutest happy sounds all the time. 

his words he says? 
thanks to 13 yr old Peyton he says POOP,  and he'll point and say "you suck!" 

teenagers. always teaching the baby fun things. 
he only tells Peyton he sucks though. 

he always runs up and gives a hug and wants kisses. he's a sweetie. 
he rarely has fits or cries. probably because he gets whatever he wants. 

His summer nap schedule has been non-existent. He was napping in the car morning and afternoon during the school year while i did taxi service, and since I rarely have to take him anywhere during the summer, he's not napping. He needs a nap but can't relax enough to take one at home, sometimes he just crashes.

 hopefully he will once school starts again. 

He wears size 24 month or 2t and a size 7 shoe. he weighed 25lbs at almost 16 months and he is about 35 inches tall. 

Patriot is a delightful,  if too active toddler.

 he doesn't act or look like a one year old. I wish he'd stay small a little longer. 
maybe if i got his hair cut again he'd look younger? 

I couldn't imagine our family without him. 

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