Thursday, June 23, 2011

The end of an era and onto new adventures.

As of now I officially have a 7th grader. HOLY CRAP!?! where has the time gone, and this doesn't make me old now does it?

here is my LONG (WINDED)/ OVERDUE post about the end of the school year delights Peyton  HAD THE PLEASURE OF EXPERIENCING  the last few days of 6th grade.

 At the end of May Peyton went with his 6th grade to San Diego.

ON AN oceanography field trip.

they went to the floating sea lab, Sea World for the day and Scripps aquarium.

 which up to this point in his life it was the longest he'd been away from me with someone other than family.

me being the mom, and Peyton being my first, i was NERVOUS! he did take his phone so we could text and see how he was doing.

 he  didn't get lost or hurt, and made some better friends. overspent on souvenirs and of course had a FABULOUS TIME! some of the pictures sucked. and i haven't actually asked him about them yet.

but here are some that i thought were self explanatory. 

this was on the floating lab boat. it was apparently wet. 

Peyton with a GIANT stuffed polar bear. in the gift shop at sea world. 
(you love how it's turned wrong don't you?) 

 On the beach. with his friend Hyrum 

 ( WHO Peyton is at scout camp with his ward this week, it's a funny story as to why, i'll explain at the end) 

and another boy who i don't know. 

The WHOLE GROUP! 3 sixth grade classes worth

i have no idea how many went (obviously this many) or didn't go. 

but my other kids thought this was the coolest opportunity ever and now insist we can never change elementary schools because they want to go on this trip too now. 

 pretty sure these are statues. i'm guessing at Scripps? or sea world? anyone know? i'll ask later.

So that was the big trip. the week before the end of school. 

THEN 2 days before the last day they had a HUGE end of year private party at the Jr.High Pool. 
pizza., sno cones, popcorn, beach balls and commemorative t shirts. 
fancy schmancy. 

and on the very last day of 6th grade they had a 


the theme was. 

with great power comes great responsibility. (spiderman) 

with a super hero theme. 
i was sorta late, and had to sit in the back. not late but NOT AN HOUR EARLY. 

Peyton's ELP teacher was there. and he got a special math olympiad award. and a long description about the hard work and extra commitment ELP was for the last 4 years.

and then i was a little surprised Peyton was awarded the presidential academic award.

 for having  (can't remember the requirement right now) GOOD GPA since 4th grade.


anyway. he was all gussied up because the teachers said to dress their best for the big day.

 he called last minute and wanted me to bring his jacket. 
(he went to school in dress pants and shirt and tie but apparently the status quo was higher than that.) 

as far as the story about Peyton going to scout camp with Hyrum? 

Peyton had been friends since we moved here with Hyrum at school.
we were sitting in the foyer at church (after school got out for summer) and the hubs good friend from Highschool walks in. 

HEY! what are you doing here?? small world. etc. he's in the ward after ours. 

scout camp came up,
  Peyton's troop is doing a 50 mile hike in Colorado in july (but we aren't sending him,) 
instead of scout camp. 

my son is going, i'm going. he's welcome to come for the week up with us. 


So he said my son is Hyrum --------. 

Hey Peyton, do you know this kid, Hyrum --------------? 

YEAH! he was in my class we are good friends. 

and i had an OMG (GOSH) moment , THAT IS your wife?! 

we had talked at school functions but never made the connection.
I said HEY, we'll have to double date.

how crazy is it that the nerdy dads and the nerdy sons pick the same kind of friends?

all on their own. 

like father like son. 

So this week Peyton is gone at scout camp  with his friend.

 He's having a great time, according to the hubs friend. 


it's the end of an ERA. but he's on to new adventures and excited about what is to come.

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First day of summer break and Joy's Friend Birthday party.

When you have a summer birthday it's harder to invite school friends to your party. 

So 2 days after my birthday. and the day after the last day of school or the first day of summer vacation. 

Joy had a friend party. 

to celebrate her 9th birthday. 

Swimming was on the agenda. 

8 of her little friends showed up. 

 They swam for about a half hour before they abandoned the pool

  for the trampoline, the teeter totter and the playhouse (which i didn't get a picture of )

there was cupcakes and treats galore, but you know what everyone was most excited about? 


seriously wasn't what i expected at all. 

she had a glorious time. and was THRILLED to have a friend party with all of her school friends. 

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

you think you know someone

I've been shocking everyone lately.

Apparently it was surprising to some that I'd read classic like, Great EXPECTATIONS. And yet I did and it only took me two days.

This week i'm reading "An Assembly Such as This -a novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman."

Loving it. It's Pride and Prejudice from Mr. Darcy's perspective. I <3 Mr.Darcy.


I've also done better than expected with this challenge. I'm referring to the ban on take out.

The baby is fully 3 months old. Check out his ninja kicks and Kung Fu arms. he'so fast moving it's a blur.

Ah well Mr. DARCY BECKONS and the baby is begging to have my undivided attention.

Farewell my friends. Until we meet again.
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Call me Dragon

Last week we were riding in the car Pierce was calling the baby Riot.

Which started a conversation about maybe dad should call him Riot and maybe he'd actually get his name right sometime.

Which had Pierce asking for a new name too.

"What new name do you want then?"

So I listed some random names.

The next thing out of his mouth? "Call me Dragon."

We have never had a kid decide he wanted to be called something else.

3 days later he was still going strong. I hollered up the stairs "hey, Dragon".

"Yeah Mom?"

The hubs just laughed when heard

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