Monday, July 18, 2011

Rocking the single mom gig

things are going pretty well rocking the weekday single mom gig.

the kids and i hang out, we go swimming and every Friday we go to summer movie fun. I spend the day cooking and cleaning up after everyone. but it's relaxed and low key.

certain days are crazier than others, Thursday's we have the maid come and then piano lessons for 5 kids.

Last week was super crazy with the usual Thursday stuff and then the bug guy came and later the 2 big kids got to go see Harry Potter 7.2 with my sister and her kids for the midnight show.

The kids got home at 3 am and i was suddenly wide awake until 6 am. i fell back to sleep until 8 and then my feet hit the floor running for the rest of the day.

movie fun, drove home and fed kids, went for an oil change, got the emissions on the car done, ran to the airport to pick up the hubs, had a few minutes to prep for our date night to Harry Potter with the middle kids Joy and Paxton and the hubs uncle Tony. afterward we ditched the kids at home and went out to 5 guys for dinner. i hadn't been there and thought we'd try something new.

i liked it.  except walking in people kept staring.

one couple apparently was admiring the baby. (she came up and said how handsome he was and was rewarded with big smiles from Patriot.)

 another couple seriously had a staring issue, turned out i looked amazingly familiar and she finally figured out she was in my brothers ward and we'd seen them out with them before plus her kids went to the school Pierce went to for Preschool. she might have thought i looked familiar but her husband spent more time staring at my cleavage than my face.

i hate being stared at .

Saturday, after all week flying solo i needed a break. i had wanted to sleep in that day for once but not sleeping in the same bed all week makes it hard to tolerate the hubs snoring and after i'd had enough sleep it woke me up and there was no going back to sleep.

after making a FABULOUS pancake with strawberries and whip cream breakfast i ran away alone.

to grocery shop. whoohoo

that night we went out with the hubs high school friend and his wife. (the one Peyton went to scout camp with) it was a FABULOUS TIME!  we just went to dinner at costa vida and sat and chatted for a few hours.

I super hope we go out with them again, it was delightful. She's amazing (she was PTO president last year) and we had tons in common (we both have big families) the conversation lacked for nothing . and the husbands were already great friends and are so much alike.

we are trying to work out a vacation next week. and it turns out, i don't love traveling. the thought freaks me out. packing for everyone. going somewhere i've never been. spending money. ack.

we'll see if it works out. it's the only week we have available. and yet it isn't ideal.

i'm beginning to freak out about back to school. clothes for the herd and school supplies break the bank every year.

OHHH but guess who is coming to AZ in September? NEON TREES! we are planning on taking the first 4 or 5 kids. and leaving the littlest ones with someone while we go. all of us are SUPER EXCITED!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Patriot is growing fast.

Patriot went for his 4 month Dr. visit last week.
on July 11, 2011@ 4 months and one week old

 he weighed 17.52 lbs. and was 26 inches long.
he's in the 95th percentile for both height and weight.      
he's fully wearing 9 month size clothes.

he's happy and smiles at everyone he sees.

he found his toes. and he chews on them. obviously he's got it down.

he also has mastered rolling over and flips himself over and scooches his buns out of the carseat and swing if he's not buckled in.

he's also starting to rear back and try to flip himself out of the bumbo seat.

I've found him a couple times with his legs outside the bars of the crib. i'll get a picture next time.

he loves oatmeal.

he sleeps from 8 until 7:30ish regularly. he doesn't need a bottle or binky to fall asleep. he just wants to lay down and be left alone. he rolls over onto his side and crashes.

he's a DELIGHTFUL baby.

we'll have fun when the kids go to school next month. i think i'll miss my helpers around though. i don't anticipate getting much done when he's awake. or he'll get to spend quality time in the exersaucer.

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