Sunday, July 17, 2011

Patriot is growing fast.

Patriot went for his 4 month Dr. visit last week.
on July 11, 2011@ 4 months and one week old

 he weighed 17.52 lbs. and was 26 inches long.
he's in the 95th percentile for both height and weight.      
he's fully wearing 9 month size clothes.

he's happy and smiles at everyone he sees.

he found his toes. and he chews on them. obviously he's got it down.

he also has mastered rolling over and flips himself over and scooches his buns out of the carseat and swing if he's not buckled in.

he's also starting to rear back and try to flip himself out of the bumbo seat.

I've found him a couple times with his legs outside the bars of the crib. i'll get a picture next time.

he loves oatmeal.

he sleeps from 8 until 7:30ish regularly. he doesn't need a bottle or binky to fall asleep. he just wants to lay down and be left alone. he rolls over onto his side and crashes.

he's a DELIGHTFUL baby.

we'll have fun when the kids go to school next month. i think i'll miss my helpers around though. i don't anticipate getting much done when he's awake. or he'll get to spend quality time in the exersaucer.

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