Friday, May 6, 2011

Becoming Crazymamaof7 and other things I find hard to do.

I used to be a crazymamaof6 and then...we had a surprise.


he's a delight for sure but since his arrival some things have had to change.
not all are delightful

but it is, what it is.

 I mean 5 years with my last blog and the title crazymamaof6 it's hard to let go.

what was i gonna do? leave it and just call myself crazymamaof6 plus one more?

believe me, it's tempting.

everyone just calls me straight up crazymama but that blog was already taken DARN IT!

so here's my first big change. my blog. Crazymamaof7.

I'm still truly delightful in every way. but I figure new URL , new TITLE.



here we go.

I hope my friends will make the switch with me.

you will won't you? (please reassure me and validate me I'm still postpartum and fragile mentally)

I'm sure you were wondering what the other things are hard for me to do.

 i mean i sucked you in with that fabulous title didn't I? I guess I'd better pony up, you know I hate to have anyone think I'm  tease.

Other things I find hard to do? 

  • letting my children do their own hair.

  • letting my kids pick their own outfits.

  • Getting up in the middle of the night with the baby when I've stayed up too late. (like right now)

  • Getting the herd to school on time. 

  • Not screaming when a bug flies down my shirt or in my general vicinity.(I was screaming this evening over just that happening while furiously trying to remove the flying insect from between my substantial cleavage, when the neighbor offered some assistance, not knowing why I was screaming.) AWESOME. 

  • Not cussing when I would normally cuss. (irritation, injury,etc) (effing bug.) I was retelling the story mentioned above to the hubs in front of the herd and well My #1 asked did you use the real f word or just effing? it was just effing and yet I was still embarrassed my prudish neighbors heard me. *sigh*. and how pathetic he has to verify my usage or non usage.

  • going without my cell phone and it's constant stream of internet functionality. (How did I survive before?)
I'm sure there are many more things I could list but like I said I have to get up with #7 and it's way past my regular bedtime.

GENIUS I tell ya. you'd think I'd know better by now but alas, I like to do things the hard way. 

p.s. Apparently I still find it hard to use proper capitalization and punctuation. you still love me right? I mean I have no intentions of  making any major changes there, you understand right? I'm still keeping it real. hope you can handle it. 

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