Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers day 2011

On mothers day i woke up at the usual time the baby was up. @7:30ish. the hubs took care of him but eventually i was up. for the day.

Pierce brought me breakfast in bed. it was a bag of peanut butter m&m's he'd found in my purse.

I asked him where dad was, thinking he was downstairs making me a real breakfast. (turns out he was in the bathroom.)

m&m's were it.

Paxton delivered his school made mothers day gifts. a book and bookmark and pin. (I'll take pics later to share)

I figured i should probably start getting ready awhile later, and got in the shower, when i was joined by Patriot and Pierce. mothering doesn't stop even when it's mothers day. they did get out faster than usual though because i had to shave my legs for once and the hubs said i could have a long soaky shower alone for once.

I found the babies outfit, and was sad it fit so well (size 6-12 months)

i finally got dressed in my new dress. it was white. with a white shrug. it had a FABULOUS flower pin pinned onto it which MATCHED my super fabulous New shoes.

 the shoes were the best part. i got the yellow flower ones. ♥ them!

my mom came to church with us, and she had the 3 girls spend the night and got them ready in the morning so we could make it on time.

we came home and rushed around getting ready for the family dinner at our house. i had salsa to chop up and things to tidy.

it was pretty fun to have my siblings and mom over.

the kids had a great time as always. this house is perfect for big family gatherings.

after everyone left the hubs made a Texas sheet cake, (it's my favorite) but apparently with all the help he had making it, someone forgot the baking soda so it didn't rise. which is funny. it still tastes fine, it just isn't as fluffy as usual.

after the kids were sent to bed we started Salt , i fell asleep partway through.

anyway it was a pretty fabulous mothers day.

the kids crafts and cards were darling as always and i was pretty stoked with my new outfit.

I'm blessed to be the mother of my babies.

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  1. aww...sounds like the perfect kind of crazymama day.

    luuuurve the shoes.

    fun new blog!

    of course i am following!

  2. Fabulous mothers day! Love/Jealous that you got a new outfit. I gave up when I couldn't find something for Easter. Love the pic of you and the kids!

  3. I'M FOLLOWING YOUR HERD............

  4. Adorable shoes. I am jealous. I am seriously lacking in shoe cuteness. I need to work on that.

    I love the font you are using in the posts! What's it called/where'd you find it?

    You amaze me....7 kids and now 2 blogs? I have almost half that amt of kids and can't keep up with my one blog. Kudos to you.


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