Thursday, May 19, 2011

mismatched chairs.

I have a thing lately for chairs.

Random, worn out, vintage, antique chairs.

I see them and buy them @ Garage sales, thrift stores, estate sales.

I have all these big plans for redoing them.

The hubs just laughs when I tell him I have another chair for him to unload from the back of the car.

 Some are simple makeovers but a couple need a little more skill.

I've always wanted to take a re-upholstery class.

I guess I am just stocking up on projects to redo someday.

With all my spare time.

I follow a few blogs that are always redoing furniture. I fantasize my stuff can look that fabulous someday.

The hubs jokes someday we'll have a super long kitchen/dining room table with  mismatched chairs.

I'm still waiting for the hubs to get my new chair out of the car today.

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  1. The wonderful thing is that your chairs will be used!

  2. I have a few chairs myself that I want to re-do, a long with the kitchen, guest room and my sons room! I keep thinking it would be cute to have mismatched chairs around my dinning room table, do each chair to match each of my kids personalities then they wouldn't argue over who sits in what chair!

  3. I love the idea of mismatched chairs. And a long dinning room table, ours is too small for us, but there is no room for a bigger one here.

  4. Commenting so I can be cool ;)! Lunch was great! Remember we are rockstars for getting out, looking hot, and wearing heels with babies in tow!

  5. i totally get that.. i have a thing for old suitcases.

    i cannot wait to see what you create.

  6. I'm just waiting for some of my chairs to be fixed! I have a thing right now for the letter "T"


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